Why can't I assign native token funds to a task?

I created a task and was trying to assign a native token to it to fund it but I get a message that there are not enough funds, despite 9999 having been minted. I had tested this previously but possibly I am missing something? I also read

but I don’t see any additional steps? The only other comment I have is that the token has not yet been unlocked.

Here is a screenshot:

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There is a bug affecting the ability to fund non-root Domains. The next release should feature the ability to move funds between Domains. You’ll be able allocate funds and budget each Domain individually. Until then, if you want to set a payout for a task, it’ll have to reside in the root Domain for now.


Hi @lightnode,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to define a root task and complete a small test of using linkdrop.io to distributed my colony tokens to evaluate onboarding via linkdrop. I’m curious if there is a release plan and projected release notes for the next colony release?


We don’t have a public roadmap right now, but the changes that @lightnode mentioned are currently in QA, so they should be in production very soon.

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