What's A DAO? 👽

Many people have many opinions!

Are you one of those people? Would you like to earn riches, fame, and glory for your opinion? Then rejoice! Your time to shine starts now. Inspired by something @pet3rpan said sometime somewhere, we’re having a competition for the best 500 word description of DAOs. Recommended topics to cover include, but are not limited to:

  • What is a DAO?
  • Why do DAOs matter?
  • What’s next for DAOs after fancy-multisigs?

Your DAO descriptions will be judged by the Just DAO It DAO. Anyone is welcome to contribute, and and when you do you’ll be able to participate in the judging submissions. The rough guide for tributes is 1 DAI = 1 JDI, however, you can offer tribute in any the following tokens:

If there’s a DAO token you’d like to see added to the tribute list just drop a comment in this thread and we’ll see what we can do!

The rough expectation is that we will be accepting submissions until the end of the month (Dragon Quest :dragon_face:) and then we’ll pick a winner. The winner will then become part of (or at least have a stake in) many DAOs :eagle: :globe_with_meridians: :crossed_swords: :honey_pot: :sparkles: :octopus:

Feel free to ask questions, share drafts, and submit submissions here in this thread!

Note: this is being cross posted to many many places to get as many people involved as possible. If you see an awesome submission, please link to it in other threads so that everyone can check it out:

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A DAO is an organizational framework where diverse agents* are able engage together in fullfiling a common purpose coordinating by mechanism that look to avoid the centralization of power, while maximizing the autonomy of actions from the agents within such an ecosytem.

*with agents we might refer to individuals, smart contracts, and/or even other DAOs.

DAOs matter because it reduces the inehrrent problems within individual bias and agency that centralized organizations have. DAOs look for guarantee the proper incentive to aggregate knowledge and intentions from a diverse group of people but with a purpuse in common in otder to maximize the probability in taking the right decisions for everyone impacted by it.

DAOs are not fancy-multisigs, rather, fancy-multisigs are necessary but not suficient tools for a DAO to exist (and even this is arguable, see this article that defend the interpretation of Bitcoin as a DAO). But understanding also a DAO as an organization that’s able to upgrade itself and considering that there are not DAOs that are completely decentralized neither autonomous (as there is still partial and implicit centralization and bureocracy in them), the next step for DAOs will be always on finding the ways to increase gradually their autonomy a decentralization of power, while experimenting with a whole realm of governancence mechanism (simple tokencracy, democracy, holocract, meritocracy, futharchy, quadratic voting, conviction voting, in any way, in any plausible combination).

@auryn @burrrata what about adding BLNY to that list?

That’s actually a really great idea.

@burrrata had asked about whether we could add a token and I immediately thought on CLNY, which we can’t distribute yet.

But we could definitely add some BLNY.

How does one acquire BLNY?

Also, we (finally) have a winner!