What about ethereum fees on a colony

Hi, I am looking the colony project and I am really happy to see people working is a disruptive project. I am reading contently the white paper and and any other document that is related to the project. I was thinking that the colony smart contacts that run On the Ethereum network have some network fees. If I have understood currently every time a smart contact executes a transaction a fee is needed. Who is paying for that fee and is it possible to have a control interface that have this information easy to access?
I am willing to start development on that kind of tools so if anyone is interested to work together please contact with me.

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Hi! When you mention “transaction fee”, do you mean the gas cost of executing any transaction on Ethereum, or the network fee which is taken whenever anyone receives money from a colony (and is used to support development of the Colony Network)?

I was thinking the gas fee on the Ethereum network. Also on what actions on the colony do we need to pay some fee?

Who is paying for this fees?