What about ethereum fees on a colony

Hi, I am looking the colony project and I am really happy to see people working is a disruptive project. I am reading contently the white paper and and any other document that is related to the project. I was thinking that the colony smart contacts that run On the Ethereum network have some network fees. If I have understood currently every time a smart contact executes a transaction a fee is needed. Who is paying for that fee and is it possible to have a control interface that have this information easy to access?
I am willing to start development on that kind of tools so if anyone is interested to work together please contact with me.


Hi! When you mention “transaction fee”, do you mean the gas cost of executing any transaction on Ethereum, or the network fee which is taken whenever anyone receives money from a colony (and is used to support development of the Colony Network)?

I was thinking the gas fee on the Ethereum network. Also on what actions on the colony do we need to pay some fee?

Who is paying for this fees?

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If you’re using the contracts directly, any action that changes a property will require fees to be paid. So for example, changing the worker on a task, or adding funds to a task to be awarded to those involved in it. Broadly speaking, changing the value of any property through the functions in colonyJS will require a gas fee.

If someone is using our Dapp (which will be public facing soon™), some of these won’t require gas fees, because they are stored in OrbitDB before they are committed on-chain. Of course, nothing comes for free, and currently that only works as well as it does because we are running instances of pinion that make sure that data remains available in the future, but we hope that this won’t be necessary in the future as colonies become popular.

Thinking further ahead, however, just because a fee needs to be paid doesn’t mean the users will have to pay for it. In theory, an approach using metatransactions or something similar could be used, leading to a situation where a third party would pay for a user’s gas fees - perhaps even a colony would pay for the fees its users incurred interacting with it.


Thank you for your reply! It was really useful and detailed.

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