Using colony for organizing conserts

Hi, I am really exited about this project and I was wondering if organizing music concerts is something that colony could help. I am a musician and I have organized 3 small size concerts in Greece. I was thinking if colony could create a framework that could make easy for all the people that participate on make a concert happen.
For example we could have a colony for paying the musicians , a other colony for paying the people that they rent the equipment, the people that help the musician to set up the instruments, the people that handle the lights etc…
I was thinking that this could be something like a sustainable organization if the profit from tickets was going to the colony bank for creating more concerts and provide better services to the public.
What do you think about this idea?
Do you think it is possible to create something like that at the development stage that colony is right now?


Hey @Npizza, welcome :wave:

As a fellow musician, this sounds like a really interesting idea, and a great use-case for Colony!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing domain-level funding and permissions to our user-facing Dapp (this feature already exists if you’re building with our developer tools). I think this would be really helpful for your use case. With this feature, you’ll be able to create domains for each of the above areas, fund them all individually, and set user permissions for each domain, as well. All within the same Colony! This keeps all of the funds allocated within the same, single colony, makes it easier for you to set budgets within certain domains, and helps your colony stay organized as it grows.

I hope this is helpful… Do you have a project link for this idea, or have you created a colony already? I’d love to follow along for updates if I can.


Hey @ceolson01!
I am looking forward for this update! I am tracking your progress on github and discord and I really waiting for this update!
This idea is at early stage. Currently I have a network of people that are willing to try a system like that. I have musicians, people that are willing to rent a place, someone to rend the sound system and to help with the sound check and people that are going to help with moving stuff etc…
I think that I am in a good position because all this people understand that this is an experiment so in case of failure we will still have the ability to communicate and find a solution to problems that we haven’t think of.
I sadly I do not have a link of the project but I want to find a way to open source it so people can coppy my project and use it for creating their own concerts or change it to serve their needs.
Also I was thinking to create a Moloch-like DAO that would organize this project. So the purpose of the DAO will be to give to the people the best tools and guideline on how the will create their concerts.
Currently I am looking for people to talk and find a solid plan on how this could work.
May be the first step would be to create a Slack or discord that people come together and just talk.