Truffle.js Runtime Error



I have been working on setting up my local environment towards being able to experiment with the Colony Network. As I followed the Local Setup - colonyJS I kept running into the error below.

I used this workaround (truffle compile error on windows.)to get past it.
Implementing the work around led to the loop below:

Thus, I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and how they solved it for good. Otherwise anyone have any suggestions on what I might have been doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hey @Princeps_Polycap! It looks like PowerShell does not support sh syntax out-of-the-box. I’m on MacOS so I am not able to reproduce the error but I found a couple possible solutions online, the first being to install Git, which optionally adds some UNIX tools to the PATH in Powershell and sh.exe being one of them. If you do not have Git installed, this might resolve the issue.

Another solution might be replacing sh with bash:

sh scripts/ => bash scripts/

We might need to make some changes on our end as well to ensure these scripts can be run in PowerShell. I will continue investigating but let me know if you have Git installed and if replacing sh with bash works.


Looks like you resolved the issue yourself! Here’s the link to the issue and comment for others: