Trezor integration

Hello Colony Team,

I wanted to reach out and see if you have any timeline for when Trezor integration will be ready for the Colony dapp. I want to launch on the mainnet, but hesitate to do so through Metamask. I suppose two options in the meantime are as follows, though the security is a little concerning since I ultimately see a hardware wallet as more trustworthy than a browser extension.

  1. Import the TZ seed into Metamask and launch, and stop using Metamask when TZ feature is available
  2. Launch using Metamask, then transfer ownership to the TZ wallet once integration is available

I see that Trezor/Ledger options are pending, but just wanted to get a sense of when the Purser functionality will be enabled. Thanks for all you are doing and any insight on this topic.


Hi @Fugue!

We don’t have an ETA on the Trezor and Ledger support at the moment, unfortunately.

For now, I would recommend connecting your Trezor to metamask. There is a tutorial on how to do it over on the Metamask help section.

I would not advise importing your Trezor seed into metamask.