Tips and trick for starting a colony project


Hi everyone Im new to the space wand would like some tips or tricks on how to create an effective colony project.


Welcome to the space! :tada:

What sparked your interest? How did you hear about Colony?

Did you have a project idea in mind? I guess tips and tricks for creating an effective Colony project would depend a bit on what you are planning to build. If you want to explore some ideas, check out #projects.

If you want to jump into the code and play around with Colony first, the best place to start would be to check out our documentation, specifically the Get Started page in the colonyJS docs. colonyJS is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to interact with the colonyNetwork smart contracts.

Once you’ve run through the instructions there, I would recommend checking out the various Topics to further your understanding of how Colony works or playing around with one of the colonyStarter packages.

Also, if you want to earn a little crypto, we are doing some user testing and you will earn 25 DAI for running through some coding challenges. Check out this post for more details.

Glad to have you here! Let me know a little more about your interests and I can help you with some tips and tricks. Looking forward to seeing what you build!

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