Task Functionality (multisig, ratings, etc.) and DAI

Hello Colony Team,

Merry Christmas and a happy forthcoming new year to you and yours!

I’ve had some time to take another pass at the Goerli version of Colony and I have a few follow up questions. Perhaps some of the answers are because I am only looking at the testnet and not the mainnet (i.e., certain functionality only exists on the mainnet), or perhaps it just hasn’t been made available yet. Overall I have not had any problems using the dapp with the functionality available to me as root user, it’s just I’m looking for some features that are otherwise exposed in ColonyJS and ColonyNetwork.

  1. I’m not seeing the ability to call a variety of functions on a task (see doc link), such as setTaskManagerPayout, setTaskEvaluatorRole, submitTaskDeliverable, submitTaskWorkRating, etc. It is as if the multi-sig capabilities are not present in the dapp, likewise for the rating system.
  1. If I wanted to give DAI as the token reward for a task (again I’ve only been testing on Goerli), would all I have to do is send DAI to the Colony Address so it has a balance, and then it would be available as an option to assign to a task, along with the native token and ETH?

Thank you for any feedback and keep up the great work!


You guessed it, there is some functionality that is available in the contracts and colonyJS that is not yet available on the Colony dapp.

Correct! Just send ETH to your colony’s receiving address and then claim the incoming transaction on behalf of the colony from the transactions tab.

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