Select Ethereum Wallet from 24 words mnemonic phrase

I was eagerly waiting for release. I have Ledger Nano S and mnemonic phrase.

I understand the consequences, but I’ve entered mnemonic phrase from my Ledger Nano S to sign up in Colony.

The problem is: the ethereum wallet shows 0 ETH and different address. As far as I understand one mnemonic phrase is related to multiple Ethereum addresses, but I can’t select the correct one in the app.

Any hints what can I do? Or shall I wait for Ledger Login Support?


Hey rinat! Thanks for giving Colony a shot! We’re as excited as you to have you try it :slight_smile:

First off: please never type in the mnemonic phrase of your Ledger Nano S anywhere except when you’re recovering the device (and then you will have to type it on the device itself). The Ledger uses a different internal implementation to generate the seeds for your ETH accounts so this is why different accounts show up. No harm done though, we’re not storing your mnemonic phrase!

To actually use your Ledger Nano S with Colony at the moment there’s only one way: via MetaMask ( MetaMask is a browser plugin that safely lets you administer and use your ethereum accounts in Dapps. Here’s a good tutorial on how to use your Ledger Nano S with MetaMask:

Hope I could help. Please let us know if you managed to get access and ultimately if you enjoy the experience of our product :palm_tree:

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Hi! Eventually I’ve created MetaMask wallet and transferred funds there :slight_smile:

I’m super excited. The product works as expected. And the service is the thing I was waiting for.

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