purser v2.2.0


This MINOR release exposes a internal purser-metamask's to the public namespace: accountChangeHook. This is now available for direct import and it’s to be used to hook a callback onto Metamask’s State Event updates, so that you can act on wallet address changes from the UI.


  • Add purser-metamask accountChangeHook entry and usage examples: c45b34b and #212


  • Updated dev dependencies:
    • flow-bin #204
    • eslint #205
    • eslint-config-prettier #206
    • eslint-plugin-flowtype #209
    • camelcase #210
  • Bumped version to next MINOR: 2.2.0


  • Exposed accountChangeHook method: #207
  • Bumped version to next MINOR: 2.2.0

Link to Github release