purser v2.1.1


This release is a hotfix, that pins the web3 package to version 1.0.0-beta.36 since that is the latest known beta version that will not break purser-metamask's functionality.

Too see the debug chain that led to this change see the #197 issue and accompanying #202 PR.

Thanks to @fuguefoundation for finding this :tada:


  • Fixed a broken link to the Flow's typing system docs: #201 by @ceolson01


  • Updated dev dependencies:
    • flow-bin #201
  • Fixed the release-modules script to properly pack modules when doing a dry run: 9583ed4
  • Bumped version to next PATCH: 2.1.1


  • Pinned web3 to a known stable version: #202
  • Minor refactor to the getInpageProvider helper to make it a bit more resilient: 134350a
  • Bumped version to next PATCH: 2.1.1

Link to Github release