Please have all colonyJS child packages use the same version of all dependencies, especially ethers


Hello. I built my dapp originally before the introduction of purser using the ethers adapter. This adapter is referenced in the documentation as still relevant, but it is currently set to use ethers 3 rather than 4. Not only does this add additional weight to a project, but I am running into api incompatibilities and errors. for example, even a simple call to getColonyCount is failing in ethers with an error (Cannot read property ‘toHexString’ of null).

Please either remove the ethers adapter or bring it up to date.

I also strongly encourage the creation of a robust test suite for all colonyJS packages so that these types of issues can be surfaced and addressed before new releases are issued.

For now, I will refactor all references in my app to the ethers adapter and use purser instead.

Thank you.

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Hey there! Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience. We are accumulating a little bit of code debt while the core team has been focusing on the launch of our dApp and we are well aware the inconsistent issues of ethers at the moment is not ideal and packages need to be updated.

Thank you for opening an issue in colonyJS:

Also, yes, a test suite is a must and most of the testing for colonyJS is currently happening within the dApp and within the colonyStarter packages, which is not ideal. There was a PR opened several months ago to add tests but finishing this PR is currently in the backlog in preparation for launching the dApp.