Ng-Colony - Truffle Box for Colony Basic Starter and Angular


Colony Devs, I am working on a Truffle Box implementing the Colony Basic Starter and an Angular frontend. It is at a stage where I am ready to draw your attention and expertise toward it. Next step would be submission to Truffle. Your feedback is welcome, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey @fuguefoundation! It’s great to see you building with Colony.

I pulled down the project and took a quick look at the issues you are experiencing. Here’s a slice of one of my comments, which sums up a suggestion for a slightly different approach:

At the moment, the contracts directory is a copied version of the colonyNetwork contracts that is not connected to the actual colonyNetwork repository. A trufflebox user will not be able to switch to the latest colonyNetwork contracts without doing another cut and paste.

Have you thought about using the colonyNetwork contracts as a submodule? This would allow users to write contracts that would extend the colonyNetwork contracts instead of making changes to a version of the colonyNetwork contracts that are not linked to the actual colonyNetwork repository. It would also give users the opportunity to switch between versions of the colonyNetwork contracts.

Another suggestion, choose yarn or npm to manage packages, right now you are using both, which give you a warning about having two lock files.

There are some packages that you could cut out of your list of dependencies and devDependencies that are currently not in use, such as chalk, node-metamask and a few others.

Other than that, this is a cool idea and a good start! Let me know if you have any questions.


Also, maybe we can collaborate on making a colonyStarter package using Angular.

I will create a new issue in the colonyStarter repository to create a colony-starter-angular package.

Let me know if you would be interested in helping out with this.

Colony creation frontend / generic interface

@ryanchristo Thank you for the feedback and for looking at the repository! I like your idea about using the colonyNetwork as a sub module for users to build upon Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the intended architecture of colonyStarter, with colony-starter-basic as the sub module inside of it? Getting this right and making it as easy as possible is of course very important so that users can update as Colony pushes out improvements.

Likewise with your other points re. Yarn and the issues currently on my ng-colony repo, they are very helpful as this project takes shape. I would be interested in collaborating on a colony-starter-angular package in addition to the Truffle Box. Any further thoughts or suggestions for moving forward on this are appreciated, as it is my goal over the next two months to improve my understanding of Colony within the Angular frontend context.

Side note, I will be at ETH Denver in February and will be doing some sort of project in the Hackathon that relates to all this as well. Let me know if anyone from the Colony team will be there.


Yup, the colonyNetwork is a submodule in the colonyStarter packages. This would be the desired approach in a TruffleBox as well as a colonyStarter package using Angular. You can use the colony-starter-basic package as a reference. Let me know if you have questions or need any help getting this set up.

Griffin and myself will be at ETHDenver! Let’s definitely meet up. I can provide you with some support for your project. You can reach out to me here or on telegram (@ryanchristo).