Newbie question : Where is my private Key? & gas required exceeds allowance

Hi , i’m new to colony and want to try the “get started”, but i don’t know how to create my “Private Key” .
I try on Windows, Can someone tell me ? thxs

Hey! Try using the create method of purser instead of open (with no arguments). It will create a private key for you.

Ok, thxs, i didn’t read carefully this part " so make sure you have an Ethereum wallet with some test Ether before getting started. If you have never created an Ethereum wallet, check out this article. To get some test Ether, you can use Goerli Authenticated Faucet." and didn’t have a test wallet,
Now i’ve found my "private key " in metamask :+1:

sorry @chmanie but I’m really new .
Now i’ve got a message like this one

Tokens minted!
Colony funds claimed!
Payment Data: { paymentId: 1, potId: 2 }
Funds moved to payment pot!
Payment finalized!
{ Error: gas required exceeds allowance (8000000) or always failing transaction

I’ve tried to reduce decimal to 6 and “amount: new BN(‘1000000’),” but i got the same issue.

here is the contract

What does it mean ’
{ Error: gas required exceeds allowance’
What can I do?

What function are you trying to call when you get that error?

It seems that it was the same as colonyClient issue while connecting

 , {
    gasLimit: 100000


 await colonyClient.claimPayment.send({
    token: tokenAddress,
  }, {
    gasLimit: 100000

as solved my problem and then I have ‘Payment Claimed’

I’ve made a PR :

then i get Status:
Fail with error ‘colony-token-unauthorised’, see

so, i tried with a step 11 :

// Step 11: Unlock Token
await colonyClient.tokenClient.unlock.send();
console.log('Token unlocked');

and change the name of token,
but i’ve still encountered an error , (not in script execution) but on etherscan :

I would try with a gas limit even larger than 100000.