Multiple task types


Hi !
As discussed here, it would be great to have different task types (i.e. type: persistent).

For instance, imagine Bob has multiple goods to sell. Alice and John are buyers.

  1. Bob sells item_1 with quantity: 1 : Ryan had the idea of using an escrow system where Bob would be the Manager/Evaluator and Alice would be the Worker:
  1. Bob sells item_2 with quantity: N : We could use a keepOpen flag on the task with conditions saying the task will be closed after N users register to the task.
    This involves the ability to set multiples workers to the task roles:
    {"EVALUATOR": "0xBob", "MANAGER": "0xBob", "WORKER": ["0xAlice", "0xJohn", ...]}
    The seller could also decide not to set the quantity field, as long an escrow system is used.


Awesome! Thanks for reposting this idea in #features!


Hey there, sorry I’ve been away for a while working on something else.
Is there any update about this feature?

In the meanwhile, I’m considering setting up a classic SQL database/Redis so that I can create identical tasks (i.e. “Sell rice”), store their IDs and route each buyer to a task unfulfilled. Do you see any other way ?

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Hey hey! We are currently running our Bug Bounty Program and making sure everything is ready for mainnet launch, so no progress on implementing any new features other than those already on our roadmap.

As mentioned before, this is definitely a feature of interest, so I’ll give it another nudge and hopefully we can work it into our roadmap following Q4.

I followed up on your second question here.