Listing BRAND TOKENS on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)

My business, Africahead is developing Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX), where brand tokens can be listed. A brand token is backed by brand value, but it is not a security, because relevant brand assets, may not be put on balance sheets according to International Accounting Standards, unless monetized. Brand assets are, for example, copyrights on coding, books and brand marks. Listing a brand token on IPPAEX is monetization of Intellectual Property and raising capital, for development, required by International Accounting Standards, without floating a company on a stock exchange. I came across Colony, at State of The DApps and think synergies exist.

It is not necessary for a colony to be the owner of the contract, which formed a token. In my view, at each organisation/colony at least two tokens can be relevant. One token can be compared to a “share” of a listed “stock” company and the other token can be compared to money, used e.g. to buy “shares” and trade with. The money (utility currency) is best developed together by many businesses/colonies, similar to the development of fiat money. Spreading the risk of developing a utility token, makes sense, because it is very capital intensive to develop a currency, which is not backed by assets. Fiat utility currencies have the law behind it, making it legal tender, and some fiat currencies fail. Therefore, if different groups/colonies/businesses develop a utility currency together, the chances of wasted expenditure is less. If own development does not pay off, others’ contributions can still add value to utility tokens owned. That is partly the idea, with Moyom (MYM) utility currency. MYM is currently issued for the minimum possible of 0.000’000’01 WETH/MYM. There is enough MYM to be minted for every-one. MYM is a universal utility currency anyone may use and develop. On IPPAEX, brand tokens (currency) can be listed, contractually backed by Intellectual Property, that is why, the tokens listing on IPPAEX are called brand tokens. When MYM is liquid, MYM will be used to buy brand tokens on IPPAEX and fund new businesses/colonies, if the synergies identified, are put into practice.

The synergy i thus see with Colony is, the tokens formed by colonies can be listed as brand tokens on IPPAEX and different colonies can develop the universal utility currency, Moyom (MYM), together, for inter-colony payments and investing in other colonies’ brand tokens.