Invalid contract definition: bytecode is missing or invalid



Hi - I am trying to create a token using the react colony starter kit and get a couple of errors… please advise:

  1. Bytecode is missing / invalid when trying to create a token
  2. I cannot run the seed-network script

Thank you!


Hi @athleticyogi!

I believe I answered your question in Gitter but I will post here for a reference to others as well.

I thought I set specific versions in the colonyStarter packages for colonyJS dependencies but it looks like I might have changed that recently.

The issues are related to installing a couple colonyJS packages that are version 1.11.0, which introduce some breaking changes and the colonyStarter packages have not been updated to the latest colonyJS packages yet. I started working on this yesterday and should have this fixed by the end of the day or sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, make sure you are using colony-js-client@1.10.0.


You can track the progress here: