Intro to Xank - Free Floating Crypto with Stablecoin Function on Demand


Hi all,

We’re incredibly interested in working with Colony and its community to develop Xank. Xank is the first cryptocurrency that offers stablecoin functionality on demand and a free-floating price that reflects its economic value to the network. Xank features include price stability on demand, scalability, privacy, self-sovereign identity and decentralization.

Xank will be a fork from Dash, which forked from Bitcoin. We will retain Dash’s self-funding Treasury function. The neatest thing about the Treasury is that it can fund non-network projects. Based on the Xank constitution, Treasury proceeds can fund humanitarian projects to improve irrigation, hospitals, education, etc. These projects are voted upon by token holders.

Our initial thoughts are to work with the community in developing our MVP (minimum viable product). If you’re interested in learning more our website and whitepaper is at, Medium homepage is and youtube channel is xank money. Our github is still being fleshed out.

Sung Kim, Co-founder


Hey Sung,

Thanks for posting your project! We will be here to answer any questions you have and hopefully we can get some community members to help out. I’ll take another look at the information you provided and start thinking again about how you might build with Colony in the meantime.


Thanks, really appreciate the help!