How we integrated Colony Reputation with Holacracy

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at LeapDAO we have already been funneling all our payments through Colony for a few weeks. Here an attempt to describe how we do it:

How we work

As a developer cooperative, LeapDAO uses Holacracy to structure teams and budgets in alignment with its purpose and roadmap. Currently we look something like this:

Each of the circle manages a multi-sig wallet, and all work is executed as bounties (like Colony-tasks). Yes, there are 3 roles: gardener, worker and reviewer, and we picked the concept up from the Colony whitepaper years ago :slight_smile:

How we use Colony

The feature that we currently consider most desirable is the reputation that Colony can maintain. Until recently we have used a spreadsheet, but since Colony moved to the mainnet, we jumped on it and created our own.

Lacking a user interface to use Colony-tasks as intended, we went for a compromise and created a Bounty Payout contract utilizing the Colony payment feature. Then we integrated it into a fork of the Gnosis multi-sig.

  1. We added a Payout Bounty button:
  2. We created a flexible mask to define the roles participating in the task:
  3. If worker funds are held outside of the multi-sig, like Gitcoin, or BountyNetwork, then we use the Reputation only checkbox for the worker, while still paying gardeners and reviewers directly.

… that’s it.

Thanks to Colony team for the hard work :bowing_man: and to @auryn for pointing me to this forum :pray:


Thanks for sharing this @johba!

I’m really keen to explore your fork of the gnosis multi-sig.

Hey @johba, would you be interested in writing a longer/more in-depth version of this post to be featured on our blog?

We’d love to push it out as a piece of content to help promote LeapDAO; the innovative ways you work and the cool things your team is building.

yes, it would be a pleasure :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I’ll shoot you an email and we can talk more about it.

Is this more in depth write-up finished somewhere or in process? If the latter, happy to review a draft, polished or unpolished, and support its development. Would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about how Leap Dapp is using Colony now, and potential integrations / use cases for the future.

Hello @coreyamorrow,
I am writing on this blog post atm ( in case you are interested in providing feedback. The markdown can be found here:


and online for a while already: