How do you send tokens from a colony to users?



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If it’s possible, what are the required steps to allow sending tokens from a colony to users?

Managing user permissions and wallet funding with Colony

An account cannot directly transfer tokens from a colony to another account. The tokens can only be transferred from the colony to an account through the task payout process.

When a colony has a positive token balance, an account with owner or admin privelages can claim the funds for use within the colony, which essentially adds the token balance to the pot balance of the root domain and makes those funds available to move between pots. In the future, the movement of funds between pots will be handled with funding proposals. More information on pots and funding.

When a task has been funded and finalized, the account assigned a role can claim the payout associated with that role, at which point the tokens are transferred from the colony contract to the account.


Also, if you are looking to get a better handle on how the task lifecycle works, check out this section of the
docs and/or run through the examples in the colony-starter-basic package of colonyStarter.