How do task ratings work?



Question from Slack channel:

How do task ratings work? If the worker receives a 1 from the evaluator, does their reputation get penalized? Do they still get paid the full amount?


Payments are locked in when the task is established; if you’re doing some work you should have absolute assurance that you’re going to get a payment!

Ratings, however, can affect reputation scores, which influence one’s potential for future work and rewards within the same organization.

Reputation changes are determined by work rating, which is on the basis of 3 possible outcomes:

  • [1] Unsatisfactory . The work done did not meet the expectations established by the manager. The worker is penalized reputation equal to the native token payout.
  • [2] Satisfactory . The work done met the established expectations. Worker is awarded reputation equal to the native token payout.
  • [3] Excellent . The work done exceeded the expectations of the manager. Reputation is awarded at 1.5 times the native token payout.

So in short summary, yes, a bad worker will still get the payout amount designated in the task, but if they are rated unsatisfactory, they will get a penaly in reputation equal to the number of native tokens in the task payout, which will diminish their allocations from any future rewards payouts, and will look bad on their record which may impede their ability to do work for the colony in the future.