Global open-source AI project


Since around 2000, I have been thinking about the idea of a global open-source AI project operating as a DAO (even though DAO has not been invented at that time, I was thinking along that line).

After so many years I’m glad to see that this dream is getting very close to reality.

I once hired a lawyer to draft a for-profit open-source license but I did not carry on with the effort and only recently I discovered that some other people have done it much more professionally, ie, Zero License.

I hope the Colony platform is easy to use so I can concentrate on the AI project itself instead of worrying about the platform. A friend cautioned me during a discussion that DAO may be more complicated to run than a “traditional” startup. That is likely to be true but the idea of a fully democratic organization appeals to me so much that I think it would be worth the trouble.

I hope this kind of platforms will become very popular so the platforms will mature faster and users could focus mostly on their projects and not on how to run / admin their projects.

In the discussion with the same friend above, we wondered if the organization should retain a traditional management team and spin off some tasks as DAO. This eclectic solution may be more practical and effective…


I think a hybrid approach is useful for many situations. Whether it’s software development or a creative endeavor, I think that there needs to be a clear vision articulated by whoever had the “genesis thought,” whether that event was singular to one person or a common effort by a group. Not having that direction and clarity is like going on an expedition with no map and no destination.

And open-source AI development is the best way forward.