ETH Berlin ZWEI Stories, please

I couldn’t personally join ETH Berlin this year and last year was one of the best hackathons I’ve been too. Please share exciting stories, :open_book: , encounters or learnings during conversations or workshops you had!
What has surprised you? What blew you away? What shocked you? ( And also what beer did they serve? )
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It was a lot of fun! I wish you could have joined us! Good people, good food, and lots of activities.

I think one of the most surprising things this year was how many sponsors were there that are building their own blockchains (not building on or with Ethereum). It makes me happy to see how welcoming the Ethereum community is to what some might call “competitors”.

Oh, that’s interesting: whenever I hear about new blockchains coming to live I have a hard time understanding their motivations behind it. Coming with constructive criticism is cool, but that sounds like a weird way of competition, especially considering that Ethereum is constantly in development. Do you remember the name of these new chains?

Waves and Algorand are the two that immediately come to mind.

I was also thinking Skale but they are actually an elastic side-chain that is Ethereum compatible.

You should check out some of the submissions when you get a chance.

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Thanks a lot, will do for sure. Did you also find a bunch of new joiners for Discourse?

I met a lot of people interested in hearing the latest news from Colony! I probably could have done a better job of pointing them to our Discord or Discourse but I think we will see some new faces trickle in.

People have been generally excited to hear what we have been up to and where we’re at. Exciting times to be able to share with them that we are on now on mainnet and our dApp has launched!