Error using Ether for token for payouts?



Hi. I am trying to use Ether as the token for payouts for a task, but I am getting this error:

Validation failed for getTaskPayout: Parameter "token" expected a value of type "tokenAddress"

When I run this:{ taskId: 1, role: 'MANAGER', token: 0x0 });

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the clarification. I am using Colony client v1.5.3.



Hey! I was away on holiday so I apologize for the delayed response. I’ll throw together an example using Ether and add it to the colony-starter-basic package as well as the docs.

In the meantime, try using the EMPTY_ADDRESS constant included in the colony-js-client package, which will give you the following string: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

const { EMPTY_ADDRESS } = require('@colony/colony-js-client');{
  taskId: 1,
  role: 'MANAGER',


Hey @bmiller59!

Did you get it working with EMPTY_ADDRESS? I added an example to the colony-starter-basic package and just published the update. Let me know if you are still have trouble.

Also, there was also an issue with the amount of Ether you could assign, which was resolved with latest colonyJS release and all the colonyStarter releases are now updated to the latest colonyJS release.


Yes, your suggestion worked! Thanks for this update.