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Upon launch, one of the initial problems for people who join Colony will be Discoverability. Has there been any conversation around having a State of the Dapps-style page that could potentially turn one of the “weaknesses” of decentralization into a strength? A Colony Atlas, if you will.

I think the idea has a lot of potential, could facilitate different colonies working together, and carves out some space to create some strong memes. #discoveryourcolony, #whatsyourcolony, maps, atlases, almanacs, postcards, etc…

The questions I have are:

  • Could this be a Domain in the MetaColony or would it need to be its own Colony? (I’m now realizing it’s entirely possible for independent Colonies to be merged into larger, more well-funded Colonies like mergers in meatspace :exploding_head:)
  • Speaking of which, how will the new Modular Permissions as outlined in the latest Q2 Update be governed in the MetaColony?
  • I’d guess a “Discover your Colony” site would be a popular Budget Box item. Will there be a spec for proposals and submissions?
  • That said, a Budget Box front-end would be another useful Domain in the MetaColony :thinking:

Rough Draft for Colony Descriptor Page

  • Name
  • Description/Tagline/Purpose
  • URL
  • Native Token
  • Domains/Skills/Category
  • Colony Admin(s)
  • License
  • Logo
  • Icon
  • Amount of funds in Pots?
  • Contract Addresses
  • Tags
  • Top Reputation Holders
  • Current Tasks/Bounties
  • ???

The Colony Atlas would not only help discoverability, but would also facilitate more Colonies to “cross-pollinate”, thereby growing the ecosystem. I’m interested to hear people’s opinions on this as well as what might be some of the difficulties in the implementation and maintenance.


Funny you mention this, I just got off of a call where this was a huge topic of the conversation.

You a spot on that discoverability is a weakness in Colony to start with, but there is potential for some really creative solutions.

Our initial solution will be a featured colonies section on the Colony home page.

Long term, I would love to see a state of the dapps style page that aggregates and sorts information on all colonies! I think it’s probably something that we’ll look to build at some point, but there is definitely an opportunity for someone to beat us to the punch.

I don’t think it would necessarily need to be a colony at all, simply a web site that displays information on all(most) colonies.
Having said that, it could very well be a project that the Metacolony funds (and potentially governs) or someone could launch their own colony to manage funding (and governance).

The modular permissions will be the method by which we implement each of the different governance mechanisms of the Metacolony.
i.e. to enable reputation weighted voting in the Metacolony, we will write a reputation weighted voting contract and give it the administration and arbitration permissions.

We don’t have a formal process for bottom-up proposals just yet. I imagine it will stay somewhat informal for the time being because we are working on a bottom-up task workflow that would more than likely solve for this.

Not quite sure what you mean, but I think I agree. :smile:
I’m sure that the Metacolony will look to incentivize implementation and use of BudgetBox.

One thing I would really love to see in a tool like this is some visualization of the domain structure of each colony, and maybe even relative comparisons between colonies. Something similar to Sobol would be really cool.

Another point I’d add to the list above might be top reputation holders and tasks tagged as “bounties”.



Yeah, I foresee I wildly diverse set of projects and Colonies being created across a spectrum of use cases, and it would be pretty fascinating to see how they are/could be connected.


This is probably the best motivation.

But you make a good point about discoverability for potential collaboration. My intuition is that something like this could be facilitated by the Meta Colony, but it would probably be even better as a standalone colony. Yes, it does in some senses improve the Colony Network, but not in a way that seems amenable to compensation/reputation in the way that, say, development work is.

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Yeah, plus as standalone Colony, the native token can still be CLNY.


Yes… and no.

CLNY is actually non-transferable for the time being. So colonies other than the Metacolony would not be able to send CLNY, which would make for a poor native token.

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What will be the conditions to enable transfers?


The Metacolony will own the token and could potentially enable transfers at some point in future.


Will it still be transferrable within the Metacolony?


Yeah, the Metacolony is able to transfer CLNY. But once it leaves the Metacolony it is non-transferable.


Cool, that’s what I figured.

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Juuussst in case…