Discover Colony Members

I would be great to have a searchable directory of all the members that are part of different Colonies together with their global skills and reputations. Some of the applications for this could be:

  1. Recruitment for new hires (useful for existing Colonies)
  2. Expert Research (similar to the expert networks such as Guidepoint or GLG that are frequently used in management consulting or late stage investing)

These experts could then offer their services on an hourly rate, similar to Toptal/Upwork etc or charge fixed salaries.

Any ideas on how to best build this on top of Colony?


This is a great idea!

This would be a great project to build on top of the Colony platform, giving the project/organization who builds it the option to choose the skills and colonies they would like to watch.

Reputation is relative to a colony so viewing the reputation of members of different colonies would still need to show their reputation per skill per colony. This prevents bad actors from gaming the system and spinning up colonies that essentially become reputation factories (colonies that you would likely not want to include in a searchable directory for recruitment).

We are looking into ways to better query the network using libraries such as GraphQL to easily retrieve such information. In the meantime, you could loop through a selected list of colonies (or all colonies), loop through the tasks and payments within each colony, get the addresses of those who have earned native tokens (which means they will earn reputation as well) and the skill that was assigned to the task or payment, and then get the reputation for each of those addresses.


This will not be implemented in the first version of the dApp but might include some elements that would be a feature worth considering for a later version. You will be able to do this by visiting each colony page individually but it would also be nice to have this in one place.

cc @collin @Pat_Harrington