Create a home for community created Colony extensions?

Will you be creating a place to find and share community created Colony extension contracts? It would be good to be able to find the code as well as find them already deployed on different networks.

It would also be helpful to have a rating or star system for them so we can evaluate popularity and quality.

Adding a guide to creating extensions for the documentation would be great as well.

A measure of test coverage might also be helpful.

Thank you. I have one contract that operates on top of Colony I have already created that could turned into an extension. It allows for Colony descriptions that can be set by users with architecture privileges.


We would love to create a place for community built extension contracts! This came up recently in some of our discussions. Improved documentation around extension contracts are also needed.

This is a great idea, and very timely as we’ve been thinking about it as well.

The way I see it, there could be two ways to do it depending on how closely packed with the main colonyNetwork repo we want community-created extensions to be.

door number one: Extensions within the main repo, or on a special branch. This would be good if we want to make a pathway for extensions that could be supported by the colony dapp, other dapps, or perhaps just intended to be frequently deployed. For extensions of these type, it might be desirable to have a spec or criteria (such as using the *Factory pattern and registering on the network upon deployment).

door number two: a monorepo for extensions. This would be better for creating a bazaar of sorts for special use cases. It would also make a clearer distinction between what contributions should be submitted to the main repo, and what should be developed externally. In the best (bad) case, it might become difficult to manage if there is to be any suggestion of support or endorsement from the core team.

door number three: a goat.

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A solution, in the short term, might be to just create a category here on Discourse where people can create a topic for their extension contracts.

This is pretty similar to how OBS manages their plugins.

It would allow for a rating system, by way of the :sparkling_heart: button, and we could make a topic template that acts as a guide to what should be included when you post a new extension.

The template might also include requirements for things like test coverage.