Connecting off-chain data (API/Oracle Options)



Hey there

I’m just wondering that methods / tools Colony use for connecting off-chain data to the platform.

Do you use any third party oracle solutions?


Hi there!

We are storing non-critical data such as user profile information off-chain using IPFS via OrbitDB and ensuring that data persists using a pinning service we created (which will be open sourced soon!).

We are not using any oracles at the moment. What did you have in mind?


Hey there,

Thanks for the info.

The reason I ask is because we think the majority of interesting smart contract applications will be triggered by real world data. With that data to collected, abstracted and fed into the contract in a variety of ways.

To enable this, we have launched, a UK fintech firm focused on connecting real world data to the smart contract economy.

We do this through our marketplace that will match smart contract developers to the world’s best public and privately authenticated APIs and oracle solutions. Enabling smart contract developers to specify and pay to increase the number of data sources and nodes processing the data.

And would love to be able to explore opportunities to help colony communities to make use of such features.

Would it be possible to org, a quick informal chat to learn more about respective solutions
/ opportunities.




Hey Alesh, sure!

Both Ryan and I are currently in the US, but will be headed to Paris next week for ethCC and ETHParis.

If you’d want to talk soon, I’d suggest tomorrow (London afternoon, US morning), but if that doesn’t work out it should be easy to find a time next week when we’re all in Europe.