colonyStarter Vue.js packages - 200 DAI

^ A bounty hunter actually already nabbed this issue within 30 minutes of posting, but if anyone else is interested please let me know here!

I want to work on this. I applied through gitcoin.

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And so it shall be!

If you run into any issues (like the previous guy did) please get at me or @ryanchristo! We’d like to figure out how to make these starters easier to build with.

Even I am facing the same problem. yarn runs forever… I even tried to install globally using yarn global add @colony/colony-cli. It also did not stop. I have kept it running for more than 2 hours. It did not get installed.

I will try to find out the cause. Meanwhile if you have faced something like this, help me in resolving this.

Hey @pbteja1998!

Do you have ssh installed? This is a current known issue because the colonyToken repository uses ssh. Even though using ssh is a good best practice, we need to change this.

See here for more information. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

@ryanchristo May be that’s the problem. I am not sure. I somehow finally got this to work. By running postinstall scripts manually replacing ssh with https.

May you should mention this somewhere in the docs or change the setup to use https as a fallback way to ssh

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Yup, definitely on our radar now. We all use ssh at Colony so this was an oversight. I will get that fixed. Let me know if that resolves your issue. Thank you for your understanding!

The problem if I understand correctly is in the lines 13-23 in colonyStarter/packages/colony-cli/scripts/

We use CircleCI for continuous integration, which does not support https, so this condition checking for CI is for running our continuous integration tests. If you have the CI variable set within your environment, yes, this could be the problem, but the colonyToken repository also uses ssh, so that might be the problem as well.

According to that, if $CI is not set, then use ssh. Else use https, isn’t ?

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Anyways, colony-starter-vue can be exactly like colony-starter-react, right? Except converting react package to vue package.

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Yes, the colony-starter-vue can be exactly like the colony-starter-react.

Aha! Yes, the CI variable is a built-in boolean variable. We don’t need the -z. I will get that fixed.