colonyNetwork glider-rc.1


Link to Github release

The current colonyNetwork release is glider, which implements some, but not all, of the Colony Protocol:

  • The Reputation system
  • Meta Colony and the CLNY Token
  • Colony funding and rewards
  • Single-level domains
  • Payments and Tasks
  • Work ratings
  • Roles and domain-level permissions
  • Contract upgradability and recovery
  • ENS integration
  • Extensions

glider-rc.1 is deployed to the Görli testnet, and can be accessed at:
ColonyNetwork: 0x79073fc2117dD054FCEdaCad1E7018C9CbE3ec0B

The extension factories are at:
OneTxPaymentFactory: 0x3e03f868450ffD588E2cB2034fA2e0F74F9FFbe3
OldRolesFactory: 0xbe86Bef84fFD76E906e1ffa368a42B538e7aEf75