colonyJS v1.13.0

Link to Github release

New Features

  • Add getColonyClient method (@colony/colony-js-client)
  • Add mainnet option to getNetworkClient (@colony/colony-js-client)
  • Add mainnet support to network loader (@colony/colony-js-contract-loader-network)
  • Add version 2 deployment to network loader (@colony/colony-js-contract-loader-network)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix DomainAuth sender to account for defaultValues (@colony/colony-js-client)
  • Fix makeExecuteTaskRoleChange input to use address (@colony/colony-js-client)
  • Patch lookupRegisteredENSDomain for testnets. Domains were previously being returned ending in .eth on networks where the deployed ENS uses the .test TLD (@colony/colony-js-client)
  • Fix getLogs method to correctly format topic filters (@colony/colony-js-contract-client)


  • Update getReputation method for use with mainnet and goerli (@colony/colony-js-client)

  • Add ColonyRoleSet event, which replaces the existing role set events as the output of any methods which previously used them. The existing events remain in the client for the purpose of parsing logs which were created by previous versions of the contract (@colony/colony-js-client)

  • Improve thrown error for DomainAuth sender methods when the current address does not have permission (@colony/colony-js-client)

  • Remove rinkeby deployments from network loader, as they are no longer supported (@colony/colony-js-contract-loader-network)

  • Remove unused network support from getNetworkClient (@colony/colony-js-client)

  • Updated caller methods in TokenClient (@colony/colony-js-client)

    • Updated approve
      • Changed user input parameter to address
    • Updated burn
      • Changed user input parameter to address
    • Updated mint
      • Changed user input parameter to address
  • Updated sender methods in TokenClient (@colony/colony-js-client)

    • Updated getAllowance
      • Changed user input parameter to address


  • Bumped version to 1.13.0


  • Bumped version to 1.13.0


  • Bumped version to 1.13.0