Colony creation frontend / generic interface


I was wondering if there are any projects in the works to create:

a) a web application that allows you to configure a new colony and deploy it
b) an almost-generic front end for managing a colony / participating. ( or is this the purpose of colony-starter-react?)

I’m writing my thesis on the intersection of blockchain and decentralized governance / organization and am interested in starting to build prototypes for these things.

If they already exist or are already in the works then all the better!


We are very close to releasing the Colony Contribute dapp, which will serve as a generic front-end for deploying, configuring, managing, and participating in a colony.

ColonyJS, along with colonyStarter and colonyReact, exist to allow people to build their own interfaces for interacting with the colony network.

I am interested to hear more about your thesis and what you had in mind for prototypes.


Ah I see it now in the Q4 update! It sounds like exactly what I was thinking of. Is there a place I can see the code or is it still closed?

My thesis is focused on how technology can reduce entrenched institutional hierarchies but I’m beginning to think I should shift my focus to Colony as it is an awesome example of what I was imagining. I’m finishing the research stage soon and will be looking to build a project that can serve as an example of the abstract dynamics that I’m discussing.


The repo is still private, but will be open sourced after we push the dapp live.

Shoot me an email at and I’ll help you get a Colony set up as soon as we launch.
You could also participate in the meta-colony (the colony that will govern the colony network) as a way to explore a working example.


I am also developing a front-end for collaborative projects called COCO, that may make use of Colony. It’s currently hosted on Github:

We try to focus on how to run a commercial project based on virtual shares.

Some of our ideas may be redundant or in conflict with Colony’s. In fact we are still exploring various possibilities and would like to get more feedback from Colony’s developers…



@King_Yin_Yan that sounds awesome! I’ll dive the repo a little, and share it with our dev team.

Would love to jump on a call at some point to learn a little more about the project. Shoot me an email at or DM me here.


@NickPapacostas A Truffle Box I am working on in Angular


Hey @NickPapacostas! As mentioned above, we will be releasing Colony Contribute soon, which is our main product - a dApp for interacting with the colonyNetwork. When we launch Colony Contribute, all the code will be open source and you will be able to manage and participate in colonies using a simple user interface.

colonyStarter provides starter kits for building with Colony. The colony-starter-basic package provides a basic command line interface and the colony-starter-react package provides a basic user interface built with React, Redux and Webpack. Therefore, if you are interested in checking out a front end for managing and participating in a colony, I would start with the colony-starter-react package in colonyStarter.

Let me know if you have any questions. Auryn is a great contact to discuss Colony and how it works and I would be your contact if you run into any technical issues. Looking forward to working with you!


@fuguefoundation Thanks for sharing your project! I followed up in your project discussion thread.


@King_Yin_Yan I took a look at your project. Looks like Colony would be a great fit!

If you are interested in pursuing your interest in using Colony, feel free to open a new discussion thread that we can dedicate to your project and I can follow up with any question you have there.