Colony Bug Bounty 2018 - Up to 20,000 USD


Secure the Colony Network!

Before mainnet launch, we are inviting all solidity devs, security researchers, and benevolent hackers to help us secure Colony. From small notes to critical vulnerabilities, there are bounties set between $500 and $20,000 to anyone that can uncover a flaw in the colonyNetwork smart contracts.

Ask questions and discuss the bug bounty program in this thread or start a new thread in #bounties. For more information, check out our blog post, the rules and guidelines and the funded issue on GitHub using Gitcoin.

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Multiple task types

Hey hey! There’s still time to participate in the bug bounty program!

So far, we’ve had 5 valid submissions (3 noteworthy, 2 low risk) and we’ve paid out $3,100 in DAI.

Here’s another link to an article that will help you get familiar with the Colony Network.

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