Collaborative art (sp. film/TV) on Colony


Hello all, I’m a filmmaker that wants to build a new type of film collective, where your share of ownership of the project is based on your contribution, whether financial or labour based. I would also like to set it up so that all revenues are automatically distributed to the owners. Is this a good use case for Colony?


Hi @Dale!

This would be a great use case for Colony! I used to do some documentary filmmaking myself and worked at a documentary art center that wanted to accomplish something similar. Looking back at it now, Colony would have been a great use case for what the founder envisioned.

If you are not a developer and/or you do not have developer resources, we will be releasing the first version of our dApp by the end of April. If you are a developer and/or have developer resources, you can integrate Colony into an application or service. What route might make the most sense for you?

Each contribution would be captured in either a payment or task, which provides reputation to the individual who receives the payment or completes the task. The payments and tasks could be weighted based on the size of the contribution. A fee set by the founder of the colony for each payout (either a payment or task payout) is collected and added to a rewards pot that is distributed based on reputation.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not an app developer at all, so I’m glad you guys are on top of that.

As for the “tasks” at hand, I would like to set it up so that each member of the cast/crew would get a share of ownership based on their contribution and value (entry level crew $250/day, so they get 250 “coins” per day, senior crew 600 coins/day, etc). The amount of work put in to the project would then be the total count of coins, which would determine the amount of ownership(and future revenues) an individual would gain. As revenues come in to the entity(or I guess the Colony), they would then be distributed automatically to the various owners.

I think that this infrastructure could allow for all kinds of collaborative endeavours.

thanks again,

Dale Shippam


You’re welcome. Sounds like a great fit for Colony. Let us know if you have any additional questions.