Can't access Glider

Anyone else having issues access Glider? Added the colony address listed here:


But getting the following error message on the dashboard when i enter that address: No colony on Main Ethereum Network with the given address

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Hey @joeycharlesworth!

This is the address of the EtherRouter contract and therefore not a colony itself. You can find more information about the EtherRouter contract in the colonyNetwork’s Upgrade Design documentation.

Maybe you’re looking for the MetaColony address:


Also, here are a few more colony addresses if you are interested:

MetaColony (mainnet):

Dev Colony (mainnet):

MetaColony (goerli):

Dev Colony (goerli):

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Ok great. I’ve added a couple of those. Is there anything else i can do now to play around within those colonies? Ex: See which other members are in there, check their reputation scores, view a list of tasks that are available etc?

We just released the dashboard about two weeks ago so this is an initial MVP but these are great ideas and we would love to hear more!

One point to keep in mind is that the dashboard is designed for developers and the “Colonies” section is designed for developers building with Colony, meaning that the dashboard will be focused on providing a set of features different than our upcoming dApp, which is designed for users (no experience with code required) and will include the ideas you mentioned and much more.

We are thinking more “analytics” or “explorer”, which means these ideas could be included in both the dashboard and the dApp so these are good ideas nonetheless.

cc @Pat_Harrington (from our Product team who I collaborated with on this project)