Building with Colony Issue - The Coding


Hi Everyone,
I was just questioning, how do I set something up with Colony if I don’t know how to code? I mean, I’ve been following you guys for a bit now. But it’s a massive downside I need to know someone (aka pay) to set up this idea that I have. Shouldnt there be a solution to this?

And apart from that, anyone that can help this guy out with implementing an actual idea?


Hey 3DA,

I hear ya, just HODL out for a bit longer while we finish up the dApp! Colony as a project is layered, so the smart contracts and developer tools are developed in some sense independently of the user-facing stuff.

Now that the contracts are nearly ready for prime-time, what remains is getting the dApp wired up to them.

So yes, for right now, Colony is “some assembly required” using the colonyStarter and testing on Rinkeby, but that’s just until Colony Contribute is released. When that happens we’ll have a nice, pretty user interface which you can use to manage colonies, tasks, etc.

What’s your idea? Would love to chat about how to implement.


That is awesome! Do you have a timeframe?


We’re working hard to ship by the end of the year!


Sounds good! Looking forward to it!