Auburn Glider

NB This was released 20 days ago but not crossposted from the GitHub Release. If you’re already happily using Auburn Glider on mainnet (which will be the case if your colony was created in the last twenty days), please continue to do so! :slight_smile:

The existing mainnet deployment of the Network is upgraded to this version. Latest Colony contract version is 3. When upgrading your Colony, call colony.upgrade(3) followed by colony.finishUpgrade2To3() .

Address for the Network contract remain unchanged:

ColonyNetwork: 0x5346D0f80e2816FaD329F2c140c870ffc3c3E2Ef

Extension factories are newly available at:

OneTxPaymentFactory: 0x6fb63009e3e03cbf6917647d64ad81939f267067
OldRolesFactory: 0x47d9aa3c4168a3228294ef7327f76e5fbbad12bc


  • Allow users and colonies to update their OrbitDB store address #667
  • Enable single transaction payment in subdomain where funds are sourced from the root domain #659
  • Introduce the ArbitrationRole domain security role #648


  • Enables slither analyser on nightly builds #666
  • Fixes to the reputation visualiser tree state not displaying #671


  • Diff analysis on gas costs for changes run via codechecks #676
  • Code coverage updates #643
  • Network configuration updates #649
    Added truffle network configurations for forks of goerli and mainnet - goerliFork and mainnetFork respectively. Additionally 2 commands for starting each fork
    yarn run fork:goerli
    yarn run fork:mainnet
  • Package updates: web3v1 , husky , truffle-security , eslint-config-prettier-6.0.0 , eslint-plugin-flowtype-3.11.1 , solidity-parser-antlr-0.4.5 , eth-gas-reporter-0.2.1 , eslint-config-prettier-5.0.0