Allow the setting of a membership/user base for a Colony


It should be possible to set an optional membership base for a Colony. It could work something like this:


  • There is a flag that can be set on a Colony by an Admin to control whether a user/member access layer is enabled on the Colony
  • If the user layer is enabled, then certain actions would only be allowed for user/members

Actions that might then require membership

  • Creating and modifying tasks and task specifications. (Note: This would address one concern I have about how Colony currently works. Right now, it seems tasks and task specification updates could be a target for spam/trolls/DoS attacks.)
  • Others??

User/member onboarding

  • There would also need to be a user/member onboarding process.
  • The simplest option for this process would be for them to be approved by an Admin.
  • However, in the long term I would like to see a flexible multisig operation control membership. For example, a Colony admin would specify/set how many existing members are needed to approve a new member. Then a multisig operation requiring that number of existing members would result in a new member being added. This would be a more democratic process for adding new members.